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A Message from the Head

I am very lucky to be the headteacher at Sheringham Primary School.


This is a unique school, and one at which we staff feel privileged to work at for many reasons. We have a very special school community, who are aspirational and overwhelmingly supportive of the school. From a very wide range of backgrounds, our children are welcoming to all, and thrive in a culture of humour and respect. Because of their willingness to be resilient in the face of challenge, Sheringham pupils are successful, collaborative learners whose positive attitudes to learning are the main reason they make such great progress. They are a lot of fun to teach!


We are a team at Sheringham - families, staff, school leaders and children. Learning in Harmony isn't just a tagline - it's how we do things! We are also a founding member of the Learning in Harmony Trust, making us part of an even bigger team, which we are constantly taking advantage of through the sharing of skills and knowledge.


We hope you can find what you need on our school website, but the best way to get to know our school is to come and visit. We welcome all!


Kind regards,

Kath Sewell

This school is part of the Learning in Harmony Trust, a charitable company registered in England and Wales with company number 09148738.

Registered address: Sheringham Primary School, Sheringham Avenue, Manor Park, London, E12 5PB