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Sheringham Primary School is a community in which behaviour is based upon mutual respect and consideration for others. The values, standards and attitudes of the school community are made clear to the children by example and discussion so that there are clear expectations of behaviour.
The school has five overall school rules: -
Be polite, friendly and helpful to everyone in school
Try to settle arguments peacefully
Take care of the school environment
Respect other peoples’ belongings
Be careful and always walk inside school

Each class also has its own set of learning rules suited to the age of the children.
When children break the class or school rules then they may be given a time-out sheet to complete, upon which they will have to identify for themselves the rules that they have broken and the effect that this may have on the rest of the school community. Children who are in time out may also be asked to complete their punishment in detention, which is organised by senior teachers every lunchtime. If a child persistently displays anti-social behaviour, consultation is arranged between the teacher and parents so that an attempt can be made to correct the matter.
Issues of bullying will be dealt with by the class teacher and brought to the attention of a senior member of staff where persistent or serious.


See the Policies and Procedures page for a copy of our policy.

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Rewards/ Recognition of Achievement

Well Done Marks

When a child produces a good piece of work, shows particular effort, or behaves particularly well they may earn a well-done mark.
For earning well-done marks the children will receive special achievement rewards. Each year the school council decide what the rewards will be when awarding pupils that have reached bronze, silver, gold and superstar status.


Team Points
On entry to the school all children are put into a team colour, red, yellow, green or blue. For good behaviour, working hard or being sensible the children earn team points that contribute to their team’s total, which also raises money for the team's chosen charity. Each Friday a team point assembly and the result is displayed in the hall. At the end of each term a shield is awarded to the winning team and the money earned donated to their charities, which can be seen on our website homepage.

Click here to play our Friday assembly team point game! Or with a space theme!

Achievement Awards
Each half term one child in each class will be awarded an achievement medals. These medals are given to the pupils who have made the most progress towards achieving their targets. The award takes the form of a medal which the children are able to keep.
Every half term a third award is presented in each KS1 and KS2 class to the child who has put the most effort into their homework research project.


While we always attempt to address behavioural issues in alternative ways, we will exclude children for a fixed period from one to five days if the behavioural incident is serious or repetitive enough. We follow Newham guidelines on this, and parents will always be informed at the earliest opportunity. We meet and discuss the reasons for the exclusion and positive steps forward during face-to-face meeting at the beginning of the exclusion and before the child returns to school. Further information from the Newham website can be found below:


Education during exclusion

If your child is excluded for a fixed period the school is responsible for his or her education during that time. 
If your child is permanently excluded, it is the local authority’s responsibility to make sure your child’s education continues from day six of the exclusion. Your child’s education, from days one to five, is the responsibility of the school.

Exclusion: challenging the school governors’ decision

If you ask the governing body to review the head teacher’s decision, but you think the result is wrong, you can challenge the governors’ decision in some circumstances.

Fixed-period exclusions

If the school governors decide that a head teacher was right to exclude your child for a fixed period, you cannot challenge that decision. 

Permanent exclusions

If your child is permanently excluded and the governing body agrees with that exclusion, you can ask an independent panel to look at the case again. To do this, you must apply to us (or to the academy trust if your child goes to an academy). You must apply within 15 school days of the governing body's meeting. 
The panel will either:
  • agree with the exclusion of your child
  • tell the governing body to think again about its decision
  • overturn the decision and tell the governing body to think again about the exclusion. 

This school is part of the Learning in Harmony Trust, a charitable company registered in England and Wales with company number 09148738.

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