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Care in the Sun

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Care in the Sun

Not often but sometimes occasionally we get a glimpse of summer. With this in mind, it is important that we are prepared for the warmer weather.


Clothing – Our classrooms can get warm so please ensure that the clothing that children wear will help them to stay cool. On sunny days children should also wear a hat in the playground, summer footwear needs to be appropriate for school - strapped sandals are much better than flip-flops or open sandals.


Drinks – Drinking fountains are available for use at playtime and lunchtime and each child has a bottle of water to drink in class. While they may want to bring an additional bottle (especially if it has been frozen the night before), we would ask that drinks other than water are kept at home.


Sunscreen –      It is a sensible idea for children to wear sunscreen on very sunny days. Parents should apply this to their child before they leave for school. Children are aloud to bring sunscreen to school but they must administer it themselves and they should do this in the classroom before going outside rather than taking it to the playground.

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