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At Sheringham Primary School we offer a variety of After School Clubs to meet the different interests of the children. We use the skills and expert knowledge of the staff and outside organisations to run a range of clubs. We believe that clubs are a valuable extension to the school day allowing children the additional opportunities to work with their peers and adults. Children who attend clubs regularly have expressed a sense of achievement and enjoyment that has resulted in increased confidence, motivation and commitment towards school life and their learning.

Clubs will run once a term for a 6 week block. This does not include some sport clubs which take place throughout the year. Children and parents have a choice of which clubs they wish to select and are asked to make three choices in order of preference. Places are then allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, we try our hardest to ensure that all children who show an interest in clubs do get a place, even though it may not have been their first choice. When your child gets a place in a club it is important that they attend each week as the place could have been offered to another child.

Children will be provided with a healthy snack of fruit straight after school. All clubs start at 3.35pm and finish at 4.35pm. It was decided by last year’s School Council that as clubs were an extension of the school day, the School Rules should continue to be followed in club sessions.

At Sheringham Primary School, the needs of the children are of paramount importance and so their opinions matter. Through regular evaluations we assess whether we are running the clubs that the children want. We therefore try and change the clubs on offer each term to meet the demand. This term, we are introducing Yoga and Meditation Club, Spanish Club, Mehndi Club,  Ballet Club, and Sketch Club.

Your views are also important to us. If you have any ideas on clubs or have a particular area of expertise that you would like to share with us and the children then please do let us know.

Summer Term Clubs 2018


Netball Club

In Netball Club, children have been given the opportunity to learn the skills and rules for Netball. This has improved their fitness, co-ordination and ability to work with others.





Cricket Club 

In Cricket Club, We have been learning technical skills such as Bowling and Batting with our new coach Joe.




Lego Programming Club

Children have been enjoying Lego and learning how to programme computers. See below to see what they got up to...




Spanish club 2017-18



Bienvenidos a Spanish club!

Check out pictures of us all having fun learning Spanish every week. Feel free to practise some of the skills learnt at home and use the links below to develop your linguistic skills with your family.

Keep your eye out for more pictures and links coming up.


22.11.2017 (The final Spanish club session of the Autumn term)

During this session we celebrated what we have learned over the last 6 weeks. We used role play, created posters and celebrated by listening to Spanish music. We hope everyone who attended Spanish club enjoyed their experience and continue to practise their fantastic Spanish skills at home! Here are some pictures of our final session.

Muchas gracias por tu participación. 

¡Hasta pronto!



On the 15.11.2017 we learned the names of our favourite foods in Spanish, and practised buying them from our Spanish club role play shop. Have a go at home using the picture guide we created, or discover some typical Spanish dishes by following the link below. 


On the 8.11.2017 we learned about family members and practised speaking with accurate pronunciation in Spanish.

Follow the link to have a go at home:

or have a go at drawing your own Spanish family tree using our picture guide below.



Family trees in Spanish

Drawing our family members using Spanish names


In the week commencing the 30/10/2017 we learned about numbers and colours, and played games to practise memorising and applying our new knowledge.

Spanish numbers hang man game led by two of our Spanish club chicasParticipating in Spanish learning 1.11.2017




Summer 2017 Clubs Leaflets and Letters

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