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Sheringham Primary School Newsletter

Friday 19th January 2018


Did you know that...

if your child attends school regularly, they are more likely to reach the expected level of learning and be ready for secondary school when they leave Sheringham in Year 6?

That’s because a child with 90% attendance misses four weeks of school a year which over their seven years at Sheringham adds up to two whole school terms!  Even with a 95% record a child will still miss a whole term of learning. Imagine what you can learn in a term.  


Actually missing just one week can be crucial to a child’s learning, because each bit of learning builds on the last, so if you miss one week, then you will probably find the next week difficult to understand.

It’s for these reasons that we do not authorise holidays in term time. So thank you to all of you who support your child’s learning by not taking your children out of school during term time.



Visit from Norway


Although Norwegian schools are already among the best in the World, four teachers from The Kuben School in Oslo have spent their week at Sheringham because they heard how well our children learn and they want to take our secrets back with them.


They haven’t been disappointed.  One of the teachers, Haavard Sveberg explained,

“I was amazed that it didn’t matter which classroom we went into we always saw a high quality of teaching and pupil talk which led to very deep learning.” He continued, “Wherever we went, the teachers managed to bring the subject to life.”  Thanks for the kind words Haavard, you’re welcome back anytime!


Robots in Reception!



Reception children had a home learning challenge this term to build a robot with their family. They created robots of all shapes and sizes - some as small as your hand and even one that you can wear!


The children clearly had great fun.

"I made my robot with my mum and my dad. I made it out of tissue boxes. I put shiny foil so it looks like metal." reported an excited Yaqub.


Amelia told us that, "I put pipe cleaners and I used some glue and for the eyes. I used some googly eyes. I made the robot by myself and my baby brother watched me." Finally Tahmid recalled that, "I made my robot and let my brother help. I put all the buttons so it works. It needs to be tall like me"

We are now using Class Dojo as a way of tracking our well-done marks. The children are loving it and our first VIP dinner was very successful. There are a few parents who want access to their children’s dojos, which is a great idea but we’ll just get it up and running first, then we’ll let you know when you can view them.


Please note that the dates for Parents’ Evening have changed from printed in an earlier newsletter.

They are now on Thursday 22nd and Monday 26th March.



Last week’s whole school attendance was 94.5%.


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