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Sheringham Primary School Newsletter

Friday 17th November 2017

                                    Eat Like a Champ!

On Monday 13th November some Year 5 children went to Stratford to attend a special healthy eating and sports showcase! The concept of Eat Like a Champ is to make healthy eating exciting and to inspire children to adopt the healthy choices of champions they admire. Our children were certainly inspired!


‘It was a really fun day because we learned how to eat like a champ.’ Nafisa 5B


‘We saw a very interesting play about a teacher who only ate junk food!’ Alisha 5E


‘We saw a demonstration of Parkour - it was very cool!’ Taskeya 5M


‘It was amazing and we learned a lot about Healthy Eating.’ Rusharn 5W


Headlice (Nits)


It is perfectly normal for children to experience nits. We don’t currently have an outbreak of nits and you can help it stay that way by regularly checking your children’s hair for head lice by wet combing, using a fine-toothed plastic nit comb (available from chemists). The NHS website also has useful information on treatment:


Parent Evenings


Our Autumn Term parents’ meetings are approaching again and will be held on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of December. These are very important evenings where you get a chance to discuss your child’s learning with them and their teacher. In the past, our families have been wonderfully supportive of these and we are aiming for a 100% turnout. Please note R1 (Ms Lu) will have their parents’ evenings on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November.


After School Clubs


We’ve had ballet, Spanish, cooking, mehndi, Mathletics and many other clubs running for the last few weeks and the feedback has been incredible! Unfortunately, next week (the week beginning Monday 20th November) is the last week of clubs. Look out for the new ones starting in the Spring term!

                 Water Bottles


Sheringham water bottles are now available to purchase from the Front desk for £2.00. You are more than welcome to purchase your own water bottle but please make sure it is a refillable and durable one that is designed to be reused.


                                                  Youtube Kids

If you are worried about your children watching inappropriate videos on Youtube, the answer maybe to get the YouTube Kids app.  The app has many fun videos from preschool age and up.  The app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.



And a special mention to these three classes who got 100%


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