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Years 4 & 5


























To Be Returned By

Ms Phillips- English




Follow instructions to make a seasonal craft!





Wed 19th April



Ms Haworth- English


Ms Wood- English


Ms Mc Walter– English


Ms Phillips- Maths





Decimals worksheet




Wed 19th April

Ms Haworth – Maths


Ms Wood– Maths


Ms Mc Walter – Maths


Ms Smith/Ms Watson – English





Visual Poem





Wed 19th April

Ms Begum - English



Mr Mallinson – English



Ms Weir - English


Ms Tipelu – Maths















Wed 19th April

Ms Begum- Maths


Mr Mallinson- Maths



Ms Weir- Maths


Ms Stokoe- Maths


Maths booklet

Year 6


Ms Lane - Maths









Practice Papers









Wed 19th April





Ms Lynn– Maths


Ms York/Ms Lu – Maths


Ms Exley – Maths


Ms Lane– English



Ms Lynn – English


Ms Exley – English


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