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How We Learn At Sheringham

How we learn at Sheringham Primary School
The way your child learns may be quite different to how you learnt at school! At Sheringham Primary we make sure our teachers keep up to date with the latest developments in teaching and learning  …  this is what your child may tell you about their learning:

"I often work with my ‘Learning Partner’. We share our ideas; plan our work; and think about our learning together. This helps us both. We change partners regularly and they’re chosen randomly."

"We are encouraged to be good learners, including being resilient; finding links and connections; adapting to change; being curious; and being creative to solve problems." 

" I know that it’s OK if I make a mistake in my work. If I got everything right, that would probably mean the work was too easy for me anyway!"

"I love a challenge. I know that when I'm first learning something it might be difficult, but I'll keep trying  - that's how I'm going to learn the most!"

" Sometimes we learn inside the classroom and sometimes we learn outside! Sometimes I might go to different parts of the school to learn or even to the local park!" 

"We go on lots of educational visits every year. We go to museums, shows, parks, castles ... even the London Eye!"

This school is part of the Learning in Harmony Trust, a charitable company registered in England and Wales with company number 09148738.

Registered address: Sheringham Primary School, Sheringham Avenue, Manor Park, London, E12 5PB