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If you wish to talk to us about your child, or inclusion and support at Sheringham Primary School, you may want to talk to:

Ms Robbins: SENCO

Mr Gritten: Deputy Head Teacher



Sheringham, as part of the Learning in Harmony Trust’, is committed to supporting all children with their learning in order for them to reach their full potential. Through effective coordination of support, between SENCOs, teachers, parents and external agencies, children with the highest needs are assessed and appropriate strategies are put in place to address their barriers to learning.  Adults at Sheringham have their expertise developed and used effectively to bring the best provision to our children. All children at Sheringham are offered a range of experiences and taught in a variety of ways which foster interest and motivate them. They are supported into and through the school with effective and carefully planned transition between phases.  Sheringham’s ethos is centred on children’s learning and decisions are made with this in mind.  The learning environment across the school is rich and encourages learning behaviours and independence in the classroom.   Children feel safe at Sheringham and parents are happy with the progress they make.  


"When someone starts at the school, people start playing with them. I've done that. It's better to have more people to play with. I think it makes them feel better. It made me feel good too...if I didn't ask him to play I would have felt bad" - Reilly


"Some children need more help. When they start at school, the class help them.  We help with their work and you can learn from them too”  - Zainab


"I think she's happy! She plays around and dances.  She can be loud sometimes and it can distract me but she's part of the class; we're all friends" - Kevin

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SEN provision for Children and Young People at

Sheringham Primary School


As part of the Children and Families Act 2013, Local Authorities are required to publish a ‘Local Offer’ which sets out support that is available for children and young people with SEN in the local area.


Newham’s Local Offer is available on the Newham Website and tells parents how to access services in their area and what to expect from these services.


Alongside this, schools are required to publish information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEN.


The following information outlines the support and provision pupils with SEN can expect at Sheringham Primary School. Our SEN Information Report includes our school offer, it tells you and our pupils what Sheringham Primary School does to support children who may experience difficulties in their learning.  It is important that you know how we help your child, who helps your child, and what you need to do if you are concerned about your child’s education.




What is EAL?


At Sheringham, we welcome and value the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that pupils with English as an additional language (EAL) bring to our school. We recognise and give status to children’s skills in their own language(s) and acknowledge the time it takes to become fluent in an additional language. EAL is a term used when referring to pupils whose main language at home is a language other than English. At Sheringham, our aim is to work together to meet the full range of needs of the children.  

How do we support?

To enable us to direct the correct support for individual children we assess the skills and needs of pupils with EAL on admission and provide appropriate provision according to their needs.  How can you support this learning at home?

  • Talk to your child in English as much as possible
  • Go to the library and borrow dual language texts that you can read together
  • Watch English television programmes
  • Use Google translate or other translating websites to read in home language and English
  • Encourage your child to have friends in and out of school

Ask for help from one of our team:




Graph to show languages spoken in our school (April 2018).

When children join our school they are initially assessed to see if they have EAL needs and their levels of need and proficiency are recorded.  At Sheringham, we know that the best way for a child to learn English is to support their learning in a structured way. We have two EAL trained members of staff giving language support each day to small groups of targeted children.  Each child has an action plan for targeted outcomes and they are assessed at the end of each term when the input comes to a close. The interventions are aimed at proficiency levels (DfE Proficiency Scale) A, B and C: Step 1-5  and this aim is to give the children a word bank of common English words and language structure.


Children who, on entry, are assessed at Level C (Step 6 and above) are given immediate access to the Rosetta Stone Language programme and the children then have dedicated in class time to continue their English language acquisition.


















Interventions for EAL

Specialist teaching support is available from our EAL team.  They lead small groups with a tailor made and structured approach to learning the English language.  Each of the skills learned build on wider knowledge about the English language and enable the children to learn what they need to know to speak and understand the English language in many scenarios.


Individual children are also taught Phonic sounds which are used to decode English text, in short sessions each week.  We discovered that children who come to Sheringham after year 3 found English language acquisition difficult because they had not been taught phonics like their peers who had been in school since the Reception year.  To rectify this we now teach groups of children the sounds that they need to be able to read and decode English words.

If you want to learn the sounds each letter makes in English please use this link to access the phonics programme we use: Ruth Miskin Training, which has many useful links for parents:

Widening the support for individual children

The school has recently invested heavily in EAL resources: talking books from Mantra Lingua. to support children's knowledge and understanding of texts in home and English language.  Please look at the website for more information.


How it works:

Pupil Champions and EAL trained staff at the school have a ‘pen’ and a selection of books.  The pen can ‘read’ the book to individual children in their home language. This helps children who are new to English as they can listen to a range of texts (including a word dictionary) in their home language.

This school is part of the Learning in Harmony Trust, a charitable company registered in England and Wales with company number 09148738.

Registered address: Sheringham Primary School, Sheringham Avenue, Manor Park, London, E12 5PB