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Friday Club Letter


Dear Parent/Carer,


For the past few years I haven’t regularly written the Sheringham weekly newsletter but during this Christmas season I wanted to personally write something to the whole Sheringham community. 2016 has been a time of significant change in the world, not all of it necessarily for the better, and so it is more important than ever that as a school we provide the best possible education for our pupils.


At Sheringham we value learning, and the absolute importance of children leaving the school with the academic skills that will prepare them well for life at secondary school and beyond. Perhaps more than anything else we want them to be happy in life, and to support this we need to not just focus upon academic achievement but also upon developing the relationships with others that will allow them to flourish in later life. As a school we believe that having a presumption for partnership helps everyone to succeed to their maximum. These partnerships come in many forms but our collaborative partnership with you as parents has been one of the greatest factors in Sheringham’s success.


The most important partnership for Sheringham is its membership of the Learning in Harmony Multi Academy Trust. Since setting this trust up with JFK Special School in September 2014, the trust has grown from strength to strength and in January 2017 will contain 5 Newham schools (Sheringham, JFK, Upton Cross, Hartley and Drew) and 3 schools in Southend (Blenheim and the Federation of Greenways Infant and Junior Schools). My role as CEO of the trust has also grown significantly during that time and it is now unusual for me to be spending time at Sheringham.


As the focus of my role becomes the oversight of all of the schools in the trust, it is now time for somebody else to take the reins at Sheringham. It is for this reason that Ms Sewell has been appointed as the new permanent Head Teacher at Sheringham from 1st January 2017, with my role becoming Executive Principal. This handover will be no more significant than any other change that the school has undergone over the past few years, indeed much of the transition has already taken place.


There is a very strong team supporting Ms Sewell, Mr Hinchliffe continues as Deputy Head with Mr Tancock and Ms Robbins as Assistant Heads, and of course your first point of contact is often Mrs Lewis, Mr Chowdhury or other members of our non-teaching team. Next term Ms McClay, who was due to return to Sheringham from maternity leave, is to be acting Head at Hartley Primary School. In her place we are very pleased that Mr Agar, a Deputy Head at Greenways School, will spend some of his time at Sheringham supporting our senior team.


It’s not goodbye yet, I will still be around in the background supporting the staff, and will be at the school regularly, but I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all of the support that you have given me during my 16 years as Head Teacher at Sheringham and to wish you a fantastic Christmas and peaceful 2017.


With best wishes


Gary Wilkie

Executive Head Teacher / CEO Learning in Harmony Trust




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