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When I applied for a nursery nurse position at Sheringham Primary School, I was lucky enough to start at a point where the school was transitioning from a junior school to a primary school. This was an amazing experience to be part of as I was able to share my knowledge with my colleagues. Gaining experience from my previous employment, I was able to offer ideas and support new-to-phase class teachers. I worked in reception as a nursery nurse for 4 years, working with a variety of class teachers including, NQT's and a Teach First teacher. It was during this time I knew I wanted to further my career. 

After having a conversation with school leaders, I was given the opportunity to go to Canterbury Christ Church University to undertake a degree in Childhood Studies. The school funded my degree which I was truly grateful for and supported me every step of the way. Every staff member ensured that I was coping well and anytime I needed a shoulder to cry on someone was there. During my time at university, the school truly believed in me and gave me the opportunity to cover my reception class for 4 weeks whilst my class teacher was training elsewhere. It was during this time that I learnt what true teacher life was like and I knew that I had the capability to be a successful Primary School teacher. 

I applied to the Learning in Harmony Trust Schools Direct programme. After going through an interview process which was intense, I was given the opportunity to be a trainee teacher at Sheringham. I spent my training year in a Year 3 class which was new to me as I had only ever had teaching experience working with reception. I learnt lots from the class teacher I was with and it was evident that she had faith in me as I was given the opportunity to teach straight from the off. During my trainee year, I deepened my understanding of Maths No Problem, Destination Reader and the Year 3 curriculum. Not only did I learn lots from the class teacher, but during my training year I also learnt a lot about myself. I learnt how to manage my time effectively and plan for individual needs. I had lots of positive feedback from staff members that had observed me and worked with me throughout that year which gave me the  confidence I needed by which I then passed my training year and fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a newly qualified teacher. 

I am currently a NQT at Sheringham Primary School teaching a year 2 class within Key Stage 1. I love my job but most of all I love the fact that I am making a difference to children's lives and giving them the opportunity to be the best that they can be. It makes me smile when I hear my children say, "I love coming to school!" Being a role model for the children and knowing they look up to you is a feeling like no other. Watching the children grow, learn and develop on a day to day basis is very rewarding and knowing that I am the person that makes this happen is an incredible rewarding feeling.

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