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Blenhein Primary School

AL Class



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Important Dates:

We’re really excited to announce that on the 11th December, AL will be visiting Stratford Circus to watch a relaxed performance of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ More information will be shared with parents and carers closer to the time.

Autumn 1: Our Curriculum

Core Books

This half term, we are using ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’,‘Stuck’ and ‘The Jolly Postman’ as stimuli for sensory stories, small world exploration and language development. 

We are going to be visiting the Post Office and making food we can eat during the afternoon as part of our learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, to allow children to experience the activities in the story.

Language Development

All of our children engage in specialised language development programmes, designed by our Speech and Language Therapist (Ms Howes), and/or the Language Communication and Interaction Service (LCIS).  Speech and Language Therapy input in AL class aims to promote verbal, non-verbal and social communication skills in both structured activities and naturalistic settings to support everyday interaction.  Every day, children will work in small groups or individually with an adult, to build on their communication skills. Speech and language skills are also developed universally in the classroom by using aids such as visual support, core vocabulary boards and Signalong. 

Physical Development  

Each day, our children engage in a sensory circuit that develops their gross motor control. This half term, they will be following a programme designed by Ms Welsh, our Occupational Therapist, which focuses on ‘Alerting, Organisation and Calming’ to enable children to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning. The circuit also encourages the development of the child’s sensory processing skills. 

Daily fine motor activities and weekly cooking sessions in our D&T room provide regular opportunities for children’s fine motor strength and control to develop. By exploring a range of ingredients, children will be encountering different textures and responding to them.

To develop children’s self care, we are following a social story to encourage independence with hand washing.


Children will be following the RWI programme at the stage appropriate to the current development. There will be lots of opportunities for children to apply their developing phonetic knowledge when reading and writing in meaningful contexts, for example making lists for our shopping trip.  Some children will also have access to a specialised reading programme to help develop their skills in reading and writing.


We are learning about numbers to ten and above and to be able to sequence them correctly.  We are also looking at counting and adding groups, using resources to support learning


Useful Websites:

We have been watching this video in singing lessons and learning about using musical instruments.