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Blenhein Primary School

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Sheringham Primary School Newsletter

Friday 11th January 2019

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely holiday with your family but we are very glad to see everyone back.

What’s Going On?

A reminder that the best place to get school information is through the school website www.sheringhamprimaryschool.com

Note the quick links on the left-hand side - they’re really handy! You can also get updates through Facebook and Twitter, as well as what is sent through ParentMail.

New Bike Stands

You asked and we delivered! We have had several requests from parents as well as a request from our school council for a place for pupils to store bikes. As we have a very small school site, this was easier said than done, but we have managed to find a space beside the reception gate where bikes can be locked. We would ask two things of you:

  1. For safety, children who bike to school must wear a helmet for safety.
  2. For security, bikes must be locked.


Music, Debate Mate and Football clubs will start up again next week, from Monday 14th January. These clubs continue on from last term; places have already been allocated.

Mondays: Y3 (flutophone), Y4 (ukulele), Y6 (keyboard), Y5&6 Debate Mate and Girls Football

Tuesdays - Y5 (clarinet, guitar and keyboard), Y5&6 Boys Football

Thursdays - Y6 (guitar and clarinet)

Our Spring Term clubs leaflet is being sent out next week - keep an eye out!

Parking Issues

Parking in Newham is really hard! However, we would remind parents to park legally and safely. This means:

  • Not parking on the zig-zag lines - even for a few minutes.
  • Not parking in front of dropped curbs - even for a few minutes.
  • Not parking in residents parking zone - our neighbours are rightly getting quite frustrated.

We have had reports of parents getting parking tickets. If at all possible, please walk or take public transport.

Year 5 learn about money

Yesterday, Year 5 had their first money workshop delivered to them by MyBNK, a UK charity teaching young people about money management. Children explored the value of money, worked out what type of spenders they are and calculated their money mindset scores. In total, children in Year 5 will take part in four workshops. The next workshop will be all about 'choices' where children will be delving deeper into needs/wants and will begin to look at budgeting.

Coffee Morning

We are running our first coffee morning of 2019 on Thursday 17th January, from 8.45am in the small hall. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see lots of you there!


The attendance figure for last term was 95.4%. This is down from this time last year and below the 96% target that the government has set.

It means that the average Sheringham child missed three and a half days of learning. Some of this was due to some particularly nasty bugs which were going around, but some were due to families travelling during term time. We appreciate it can be expensive to travel during school holidays but your children’s learning is our top priority and the best way to achieve this is to be at school. Thanks to all those many parents who support their children in getting to school every day and on time.


Accompanying this weeks newsletter:

  • Years 3 & 4 - Change4Life Booklet