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Blenhein Primary School

Welcome to year 3!


PE days are every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please remember to bring in your PE kits and correct footwear.


Spotlight on...

Young Writer’s Poetry Monsters Competition 

Well done to all of our young talent who entered the young talent who entered the Young Writer’s poetry competition. It’s great to see so many poems that will be published soon!


Art Celebration

Last term, Year 3 went to the Tate Modern where they explored lots of art works and looked at Henri Matisse’s collage techniques. Children applied this technique and created their own version of the ‘Tin Forest’. One of our core texts in reading!

It was great to see so many parents around to celebrate as well!





Non-chronological reports celebration

Last term, our kids worked really hard to write their first ever non-chronological report. Children worked really hard to research information about London, plan their reports and form paragraphs! The children then had a go at publishing their final piece and sharing these with parents!





Important Dates: 

Children will be swimming at the London Aquatics Centre for 10 days from Monday 20th- Friday 31st January 2020


Spring 1: Our Curriculum


As we read our core-text ‘A Flower in the Snow’, children will be practising their inference skills. This term children will also be exposed to a range of instructional texts and poems. Children will continue to focus and build on the following reading strategies: 

  • Retrieval
  • Summarising 
  • Questioning
  • Clarifying
  • Evaluating (language and purpose)


Children will be learning how to write instructions and recounts, which will be linked directly to the children’s swimming experience. Children will be developing lots of skills including:

  • Writing from memory and experience
  • Using the past tense correctly
  • Using a wide range of subordinating conjunctions and coordinating conjunctions
  • Using commas accurately


Our maths learning will focus on:

  • Further multiplication and division 
  • Length
  • Mass 

Our basic fluency and maths homework  will continue to focus on: 

  • Recalling and using addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently
  • Counting in 4s, 8s, 50s and 10s
  • Partitioning numbers to 1000 to support addition and subtraction 
  • Mentally adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers by looking at hundreds, tens and ones, 
  • Mental addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers
  • 3, 4 and 8 times tables 


Though our topic Animals (including humans), children will be learning to: 

  • Identify that animals including humans need the right types and amount of nutrition and that they cannot make their own food.
  • Identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement. 

Design Technology 

Though our DT we will be focusing on cooking and nutrition, this includes: 

  • To follow safe procedures for food safety and hygiene
  • To measure ingredients to the nearest gram or millimetre
  • To follow a recipe 
  • To be able to use different food preparation techniques

Religious Education

We will be exploring different ideas and beliefs through the topic ‘Light in Religion’ this half term. Children will explore the significance and meaning of light in all faiths and how this connects with them and their beliefs. 


Our theme this half term is Dreams and Goals. Children will be learning to:

  • Stay motivated when doing something challenging
  • Keep trying even when things get difficult
  • Help each other achieve their goals
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges


You can visit our subject pages to find out more about how we learn across the curriculum at Sheringham, including our specialist programmes for music, Spanish and PE.  


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