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"In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all. We live and breathe our values and focus on doing things the right way, providing the perfect environment for all our children to flourish and succeed. And with a diverse range of schools in two contrasting locations, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive, creative and forward-thinking environment."
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Blenhein Primary School

Design and Technology



Why design and technology is important

We want Sheringham children to be designers so that we can build a community of critical thinkers and problem solvers who will be able to innovate in our rapidly changing global society.

Children will be learning and applying a range of practical skills as well as design, make and evaluate products and prototypes that solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts. 

Learning to cook is a life skill; Sheringham children will become confident to design and make a range of meals and snacks, through which they will learn about  the importance of a healthy lifestyle - vital learning, particularly as we know local obesity rates are even higher than the rising national levels.

How our design and technology curriculum is designed

Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and enhanced by subject expertise held within Sheringham and the Learning in Harmony Trust, as well as local opportunities and current events. 

DT is taught in blocks of one or two weeks, several times a year. The curriculum includes significant focus on food and nutrition, with our purpose-build cooking room utilised to provide all children opportunities to learn to cook.

How children learn in design and technology

Sheringham designers will: 

  • Design and create a wide variety of projects based on a brief, from Roman purses to ‘buzz games’.
  • Visit monuments of great design, such as London Bridge, the London Eye and the wide-ranging architectural styles showcased throughout London.
  • Explore concepts of engineering, for example when designing and building bridges.
  • Learn to cook a wide range of meals and snacks, with the recipes captured in The Great Sheringham Recipe Book (to be published July 2020).