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While you are at home, this is a great time to continue learning about the world and environment around us. Below are some links to help you continue using your geography skills!

You may want to record some of your findings in your exercise books to share with your friends and teachers when you return to school. 


  This is a great website for research.


 BBC Bitesize has a range of cool activities for KS1 and KS2!




Why geography is important

We want Sheringham children to be geographers so that they understand about the world in which they live, and develop a keen awareness of their responsibilities within it.

Our children should be knowledgeable, curious and excited about what the world has to offer and to be proactive about ways in which they can sustain and protect it. In our ever-changing world it is important, now more than ever, that children from all backgrounds grow up to become mindful global citizens.

How our geography curriculum is designed

Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and enhanced by subject expertise held within Sheringham and the Learning in Harmony Trust, as well as local opportunities and current events. 

Geography is taught in longer topics spanning several weeks, designed to give children the opportunity to become immersed in a unit, deepen their knowledge and understanding, and identify their own lines of enquiry.

How children learn in geography

Sheringham geographers will:

  • Explore their local area, including local parks, neighbourhoods and business districts.
  • Visit a range of localities including Southend beach, the River Thames, central London and its many parks and rural and coastal Essex. 
  • Consider and respond to current events such as natural disasters, political movements and global trends to ensure their understanding continues to evolve and adapt. 
  • Collaborate with Keep Britain Tidy to improve our local area and understanding of waste and recycling.
  • Visit schools in other areas of London and the country.
  • Develop an understanding of how people live around the world, identifying similarities, celebrating differences and exploring any challenges faced.