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Blenhein Primary School

Shakespeare Club

Welcome to the Shakespeare Club page!

Each year Sheringham takes part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, where a group of devoted students work hard to create a short adaptation of a Shakespeare play.

Last year we had amazing success with production of Macbeth, which was performed at the Ilford Broadway Theatre.  Take a look at the incredible cast on stage!


We know some children will be very excited about the prospect of the next production. We really hope the Shakespeare Schools Festival happens again this year, but unfortunately at the moment we just don't know what the situation will be in the Autumn term so cannot guarantee we will be able to participate.

However, Shakespeare is arguably the world's most famous playwright and so if you would like to explore the play we've been allocated this year, you are very welcome to!

 We are happy to announce that this year's play is... 

Romeo and Juliet!

These activities have been designed for children who are interested in Shakespeare or drama and are considering participating in this year’s festival or any other opportunities that may arise. Below are some activities and resources to become familiar with the story. 


Watch this 10 minute video simplifying the story below: 




Download the PDF of the script here. It might be fun to read through it and have a go at some of the challenging language. 

 Note: please don’t memorise the script: if we are able to perform next term there will be lots of changes and parts cut out.  



Home Project

Here is a Home Project with some information and activities to help you become more familiar with Shakespeare and the play Romeo and Juliet: 



Different Retellings to Enjoy


Romeo and Juliet Summary Rap



Romeo and Juliet The Football Version



Gnomeo and Juliet Film on Youtube 




If we are able to carry out auditions for this play whenever it is that we return to school, we will let you know and give you plenty of time to prepare.

Children who are currently in Year 4 and Year 5 would be eligible to take part.

Drama is for everyone, not just the most confident or people who enjoy being at the centre of the action!