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Blenhein Primary School


Welcome to Year 1!  

Below you'll find information on the curriculum for this term.   


Year 1 Children will be taking the National Phonics Screening Check between 7th-10th June. Please make sure your child is at school every day this week and is well rested.


Your child will have 2 PE sessions a week. One with their class teacher and another with our PE specialist. Please check your child’s PE day and ensure they are dressed in appropriate PE uniform on these days (jogging bottoms/leggings/white t-shirt, jumper and trainers)

1A: Tuesday and Wednesday 
1G: Tuesday and Wednesday 
1M: Wednesday and Thursday




Summer Curriculum


In phonics children will continue to learn sounds, following the RWI programme. They will use these sounds to read books appropriate to their reading level. 

In addition to daily phonics lessons we shall also be sharing a class story or ‘Big Book’ with the children every day. It is really important that children become familiar with a range of stories to support their comprehension and language development.

Each Friday, children will bring home a phonics book and a book from the class library for you to share at home. Both of these books should be written into your child’s R@homebook EVERY time you read them. You can also use the Reading Eggs programme to support your child’s learning. Additionally, you can visit the library for an even greater choice of books.

Please talk to your child about what they are reading and remember, reading the same book over and over helps children to develop confidence and fluency in reading.


This term the children will also be taking the National Phonics screening Check during the week 7th-10th June. Please make sure your child is in school every day this week, is well rested and has had a good breakfast.



In English, we will be reading lots of high quality texts to engage children and spark their imagination. We will use these books as a stimulus for writing, drama and artwork, with a strong focus on developing language. 

We will be creating disgusting sandwiches as a stimulus for story writing and we will also be undertaking an author study, looking at the works of Rachel Bright.


 Children will be learning to join sentences together to create short narratives and use adjectives in their work e.g. the sticky, gooey chocolate cake.



 Our maths learning will focus on:

  • Addition and subtraction word problems
  • Fractions - halves and quarters 
  • Numbers to 100
  • Time - to the hour and half hour
  • Money - recognising coins
  • Volume and Capacity - full, half full, empty, millilitres and litres
  • Mass - grams and kilograms

You can use the Numbots programme to support your chlild at home. Logins can be found in your child's R@homebook.



Through our topic ‘Significant Events’ we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. Children will learn how the fire started and about the four days that followed looking at how the fire spread.

We will be taking part in a workshop to learn about how people lived in the past in 1666 and what jobs they had. 



Though our topics ‘3D design and sculpture’ we will be learning:

  • To handle, shape and manipulate malleable materials.
  • To recognise and combine shapes to make recognisable forms.



This term our topic is ‘structures and mechanisms’ 

We will be linking our learning to the Great Fire of London topic in History. Creating old houses and investigating bridge structures. 


Religious Education 

We will be exploring different ideas and beliefs through the topic ‘Belonging’ this term. We will specifically be looking at belonging to Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.



Our themes this term are relationships and changing me. Through discussions and in small group work, children will be learning about what constitutes a healthy relationship with friends and family.

 You can visit our subject pages to find out more about how we learn across the curriculum at Sheringham, including our specialist programmes for music, poetry and PE. 


This term we will continue to send home homework in addition to your children's weekly reading and spellings. Please ensure you are signed up to your child's google classroom. Speak to the school office or your child's teacher if you are having problems with this.

Each week, children will bring home a phonics book and a book from the class library for you to share at home. You can also use the Reading Eggs programme to support your children’s learning. 

It is really important that you read daily with your child and record this in your child's R@homebook