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Blenhein Primary School

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome back to school, we hope you had a lovely summer holiday! Below you will find information about the curriculum and what your child will be learning this term. You will also find some homework and work to do at home if you are isolating. 


Home Learning - Wednesday 8th October

Due to a burst water pipe affecting large parts of East London, school is closed. This means that everybody is learning at home today. 

Home learning tasks for today

In Maths, you're learning about adding and subtracting numbers. Please follow this math's link where there is an online video, quiz and worksheet to complete.

In Geography, you're learning about the UK and Europe. Please click on this link to access today's Geography learning.

Your class teacher has also set a task on Google Classroom, so please log in to take part. If you're unsure of your username or password, please check inside your red homework books. If you can't access Google Classroom, don't worry, but please let your teacher know when you are back in school.

Autumn Curriculum 


This term in reading we will be using our summer reading text ‘Wigglesbottom Primary: Breaktime Bunnies!’ by Pamela Butchart.

We will be working on several reading strategies as the term progresses, including 

predicting, clarifying, inferring, summarising and retrieval. 

Reading at home: 

To help improve reading stamina and comprehension in class, please make sure your child is reading their school book to you at home and accessing Reading Eggs to practice their reading. 



This term in English we will be writing stories within a familiar setting. We will be learning new grammar skills and applying them in our writing:

  • Full stops, capital letters, commas and exclamation marks (revisiting from Year 2)
  • Adverbs
  • Contractions (e.g. can’t, shouldn’t, would’ve) 
  • Conjunctions 


Our maths learning will focus on:

  • Reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to at least 1,000 and determine the value of each digit.
  • Adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than 3 digits, including using formal written methods.


Though our topic Geography unit ‘UK and Europe’, we will be focusing lots on geography knowledge, skills and fieldwork including: 

  • Naming and locating countries, cities, landmarks within the UK, and understand their importance. 
  • Asking and answering geographical questions.
  • To use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the physical and human features  in the local area.


Our theme this half term is ‘Being Me in My World’. Children will be developing their social and emotional skills through discussion, debate, partner work and group work. Some of the themes they will be exploring include: 

  • Valuing each other and making people feel welcome. 
  • Identifying our emotions and our friend’s emotions.
  • How our behaviour can bring rewards and consequences. 
  • Why we value working cooperatively, and how to do it well!


Current Homework 23.10.20


Over the half term holiday look at words ending in dge. Why not have a go at putting these words into an interesting sentence.

badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge

Can you find any other words that end with dge too?

If you fancy a challenge try putting them in a sentence that includes an adjective, verb and an adverb!


Over the past few weeks we have been learning addition (with renaming) and subtraction. With your families could you have a go at writing and working out your own word problems?

e.g. Ms Panks had 162 tennis balls in the P.E. cupboard but Mr Kin borrowed 40. How many balls were left in the P.E. cupboard?

Ms McWalter baked 126 cookies on a Monday and then baked another 298 on Tuesday. How many cookies did she bake altogether?

 Here's a video to help you with renaming.

Home Project

If you check out the Google Classroom there is a Geography home full of fun activities for you to do in the holiday!


Previous Homework 16.10.20


This week we are learning the el sound. Can you find any other words that end with el too? Why not have a go at putting these words into an interesting sentence.

camel, tunnel, squirrel, travel, towel, tinsel


We have been learning column method with renaming this week. Could you have a go at adding two three digit numbers together with your families this week.

e.g. 659 + 180 =


We are going to be learning about religion next week. Why not create a poster about your religion and what it means to you! Or if you are feeling fancy you can try making a Google Slide and sharing it with your teacher.

All the homework can be found on the Google Classroom so please login on there as well.

All the homework can be found on the Google Classroom so please login on there as well.

Everyday you can 

 When you are at home you can complete these activities: 

Log into your Times Tables Rockstars and practise your facts as quickly as you can!

Log into your Reading Eggs, your username and password is the same as last year. 

Practise your spelling games on: Spelling City

Play other maths games on: Top Marks