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Blenhein Primary School






 What are Year 5 learning in Summer Term?



To start our summer of writing, our Year 5 author’s will be writing a Haiku (a Japanese poem, focussing on syllables) about a celebration and season of their choice.  Following this, the children will be using their imagination to write their own alternative fairy tales based on the Grimm Brothers classic tales.

Great readers become great writers, so make sure you are reading inspiring texts to spark your imagination and gather new vocabulary to use in your writing.


During maths this term, our Year 5 mathematicians will be continuing their learning on decimals, before moving on to looking at percentages. Lots of practice converting percentages, to decimals, to fractions (and back again) will help them hugely with their understanding. Allow your child time to practise their use of money as well, linking their knowledge of decimals to everyday real life situations, like buying something at a shop and working out the total or change given.

After this, the children will be moving onto geometry in maths, learning about different types of angles and how to work out the missing angles on a line and in various different shapes. Also this term, Year 5 will be learning measurement and volume. Children will be using lots of different strategies and methods of understanding, through using concrete resources, pictorial representations and abstract equations. You could do even more work at home by measuring the capacity of containers around the house or measuring furniture for rooms etc. 

As with any maths unit having secure foundations such as times table knowledge and number bonds will ensure our mathematicians are confident and successful throughout the year - daily practise on BBC bitesize, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars will support this.


In our reading lessons, the children will be focussing on working collaboratively in reciprocal reading groups where the children will have rich discussions about a range of texts (both fiction and non-fiction). Within their groups, they will also be continuing to build on their roles of leader reader, summariser, clarifier and questioner. As a class, we will be reading the classic text of “Kensuke’s Kingdom”, which includes themes of friendship and survival. Please remember to read for 10 minutes every day with an adult and complete your R@Homebook every week.


Our scientists will be learning all about Living Things and their Habitats - Animals including Humans. They will continue to develop their scientific skills by asking questions, making observations and drawing conclusions.

Religious Education

During our RE learning this term, our Year 5 children will be looking at “what inner forces affect us?”. They will explore a range of traditional religious stories, such as the story of Adam and Eve, the story of Jonah, the story of Bilal and the story of Buddha. Our children will be encouraged to look for levels of meaning and to apply what they have learnt to their own experiences.

Physical Education

During our PE lessons with the class teacher, the children will be learning how to play team sports and develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills through tag rugby and dodgeball. Towards the end of the term we will be preparing for sports day and practising and competing in a range of track and field events. Good daily habits such as a balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep will support their health and fitness. Getting active together and involving your child in food preparation is beneficial for the whole family!


This term the topics within Jigsaw are Relationships and Changing Me where they will explore the themes of friendships and how to maintain healthy relationships with peers and how to accept and understand the changes that they will be experiencing themselves.


To finish off the year we will be looking at biomes from around the world (such as tundra and rainforests), and what thrives in each of these geographical locations. We will be doing this through the key skills of locational and place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork.


Linking onto our learning on biomes in geography, children will be creating their own biome scene which will include a range of flora and fauna from a variety of different biomes around the world. Through this, children will be exploring drawing and painting this term where they will choose a style of drawing, select media and use a range of techniques for a specific purpose. They will also be able to select a range of techniques to show movement, perspective, shadows and reflection. We will be learning this through exploration and creativity.

Computer Science

Through the use of Chromebooks and other technology, this term we will be focusing on how to use search engines effectively and what are the most suitable applications and devices for the purpose of communication and collaboration. We will also look at how to keep ourselves safe online, learning about (and understanding) that gaming and other types of online activity can be addictive and that screen time needs to be managed.

DT (Cooking)

In design and technology, our budding Year 5 chefs will be learning about the key components of a healthy meal and the impact that nutrition has on their life. They will create and plan balanced meals using the “EatWell Guide” as a resource to support their understanding.

P.E Days


Please come to school wearing you P.E kit (jogging bottoms/leggings/white t-shirt, jumper and trainers) .  Take note of the weather and make sure you dress appropriately for P.E.

5J- Mr Jolie

5M- Mr Mallinson

5R- Ms Rahman

Monday (outdoor) Monday (outdoor)

Monday (outdoor)

Wednesday Friday Tuesday 


Helpful Links:

  • Develop your maths skills through  Mathletics or Times Tables Rock Stars and fact fluency level you are on. If you have a 123 Maths log in, make sure you log on and practise key maths skills.
  • Practise your spelling by clicking on year 5 and 6, choose the spelling rule, play free games and write sentences with spelling words.
  • Log into your DuoLingo account for Spanish
  • Computing - Touch typing / Create a new game on Scratch
  • Don't forget there are also lots more fun activities on our subject pages!



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