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Blenhein Primary School


welcome to Year 6!


L-R: Ms Seamons (Phase Leader), Ms Bashorun (Teacher), Ms Burton (Teacher) and Ms Smith (Y6 Facilitator). Mr Chowdhury is our wonderful Learning Mentor (not pictured).


What are Year 6 learning in Autumn 2?


Authors in year 6 will engage and inform audiences with a variety of writing pieces this term! There will be opportunities to write creatively and have a go at letting their imagination flourish when writing from a picture stimulus. As well as writing informative pieces through their biography writing in which they will explore formal language and structure. Towards the end of the term children will learn how to write a diary and will have the chance to be creative whilst challenging themselves to include high level vocabulary. Alongside teaching children different writing styles, year 6 will also be recapping lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar learning so that our writing makes sense and we produce high quality work. 


Great readers become great writers, so make sure you are reading inspiring texts to spark your imagination and expose you to new vocabulary to use in your writing.



The Year 6 mathematicians will be working hard to embed their knowledge of multiplication and division, these will be presented through written calculations and word problems. Children will be encouraged to use different strategies, including bar models to help solve these. After this is secured, we will be learning all about decimals, fractions and percentages. As well as learning how to add, divide, subtract and multiply decimals and fractions, we will identify the relationship between the three areas of maths (including percentages) and understand how they relate.

Having secure foundations such as times table knowledge and number bonds will ensure our mathematicians will be confident and successful throughout the year - daily practise on BBC bitesize, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars will support this.



Year 6 readers will study two challenging texts for the majority of Autumn 2. The first is Frankenstien, in which the children will participate in rich discussions about the characters and their traits and understand how this links and adds to the storyline. After this, our readers will read a powerful text called The Savage which deals with themes like trauma, betrayal and friendship. When reading these texts, children will develop their ability to answer questions and record written responses about the books and stories. 


Daily reading and discussions about the world around us will support your child’s understanding, vocabulary and imagination. Children are encouraged to choose books from our class libraries that they enjoy to continue their love of reading and promote reading for pleasure.



Our athletes will undertake a two week swimming unit at the London Aquatics Centre, improving their technique and water confidence. They will be trained by a qualified swimming coach and be put in groups that match their ability so that they receive differentiated swimming teaching.  


In the Autumn term, our athletes in Y6 will be focusing on athletics improving their technique and skills in athletic events with Mr Kin. During their second lesson of the week, which takes place on a Thursday afternoon. The children will be exploring and developing their skills in either gymnastics, tag rugby or tennis. This will rotate in the Spring term so that our Y6’s have the opportunity to learn all three. 

Good daily habits such as a balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep will support their health and fitness. Getting active together and involving your child in food preparation is beneficial for the whole family!



The theme for our citizens this half term is Celebrating Differences. Our Y6 citizens will share their opinions through rich discussions and reflect on the idea of ‘normal’ and ‘different’. We aim for our citizens to develop empathy for others and reflect on why people bully.



The scientists in Year 6 will be studying all things electricity and light. Understanding that questions don’t always have a definitive answer is one of the key areas of learning. Scientists will use resources to make working circuits and participate in a variety of experiments to see if they can turn objects into a battery! Our children will be working scientifically by asking questions, creating hypotheses, executing fair tests and writing a conclusion based on the results of their experiments. 


Computer Science

Whilst this topic is heavily disrupted due to swimming, some computing lessons were taught in the first two weeks. To make sure our children continue to develop their computing skills we will be incorporating technology into other subjects in Autumn 2, such as writing and science. A huge part of computing is understanding online safety which the children talk about in assemblies and JIGSAW lessons. 


P.E Days

Please come to school wearing you P.E kit (jogging bottoms/leggings/white t-shirt, jumper and trainers) .  Take note of the weather and make sure you dress appropriately for PE.


6Ba- Ms Bashorun

6B- Ms Burton

6S- Ms Smith

Tuesday (Outdoor) Tuesday (Outdoor) Tuesday (Outdoor)
Thursday Thursday Thursday



Current Homework

 Check your Google Classroom for your learning. 

Helpful Links:

  • Develop your maths skills through  Mathletics or Times Tables Rock Stars and fact fluency level you are on. If you have a 123 Maths log in, make sure you log on and practise key maths skills.
  • Practise your spelling by clicking on year 5 and 6, choose the spelling rule, play free games and write sentences with spelling words.
  • Log into your DuoLingo account for Spanish
  • Computing - Touch typing / Create a new game on Scratch
  • Don't forget there are also lots more fun activities on our subject pages!