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Blenhein Primary School





Why Spanish is important 

We want Sheringham children to be excellent linguists because learning another language provides an opening to other cultures. A high-quality languages education fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepens their understanding and appreciation of the world. 

Language learning also provides opportunities for Sheringham students to communicate for practical purposes, learning new ways of thinking and appreciate great literature in its original language, developing their comprehension skills further. 

Following the Spanish programme at Sheringham will provide a strong foundation, developing an understanding of grammatical structures and language patterns as well as making links across languages, therefore equipping pupils for future language study, work and travel.

How our Spanish curriculum is designed 

Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and enhanced by subject expertise held within Sheringham and the Learning in Harmony Trust, as well as local opportunities and current events. 

As a school, we have chosen Spanish as our language of study. Our KS2 children are taught once a week by our specialist teacher Ms Behl, during their teacher’s PPA time.

How children learn in Spanish

Sheringham linguists will: 

  • Explore Spanish through a range of text types, songs and rhymes. 
  • Experience conversation with other learners and native speakers and practise through role play scenarios to prepare them for future application. 
  • Be immersed in Spanish culture through cooking, art and literature.
  • Explore the importance of the Spanish language in the world today. 
  • Work on projects within the LiH Trust and with schools in Spain through language links 
  • Celebrate their learning through displays, presentations and sharing celebrations.